Metz Ridge Runners, Inc. 2019 Winterfest Sponsors

Thank you to all of the businesses that supported us this year through contributions to our annual fundraiser!

Welcome to the Metz Ridge Runners

We are all excited about a new snowmobiling season rapidly approaching (heres hoping for a good one, we are due!) We completed the move-out of our old clubhouse thanks to many awesome volunteers, and we have started building. Check back for updates!

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Think Snow!

Think Snow!

Metz Ridge Runners, Inc​ Social Media

Metz Ridge Runners, Inc

Recognizing that we are more than a social club as our primary purpose is grooming and maintaining our snowmobile trails for the benefit of our community without regard to club membership, we have created a new corporation: Metz Ridge Runners, Inc. This corporation has been granted a favorable Tax- exempt status, 501(c)(3) by the IRS and is now exempt from paying state sales tax as well. Furthermore, any contributions we receive are generally tax deductible by the donor.
We recently purchased land to build our own clubhouse on for storage of our groomer, drag and other equipment. The build is now in progess! We really need the support of our community to finish this project and we are in process of trying to get more support. Hopefully some snow will help us!
While we have been fiscally responsible over our long life, this vital project will stress our current financial position.  We need our community’s financial support. Any donations to our Building Fund will be appreciated and recognized.  Sponsorship will be memorialized in publications, our website and on our Building as well. Sponsorship opportunities (donations) are:
                                                         Bronze:   $250-$499                            Gold:            $750-$999
                                                          Silver:     $500-$749                            Pacesetter:  $1,000 + 
We hope that we can count on your support.  Please contact us If you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.
James McNichols                                           
President, Metz Ridge Runners, Inc.  

Clubhouse and Groomer Maintenance Nights
Are you interested in some hands on work? Want to build your skills as a mechanic or electrician? Do you enjoy a good night out with friends? The Metz Ridge Runners has an opportunity for you! Begninning October 12th, the second and fourth THURSDAY of every month will be maintenance night. Anyone willing to help please meet at the clubhouse at 6pm or call Chuck at (920) 410-9079 with any questions.

Top Maintenance Priorities:
1. Prep signs for 2018-19 season.
2. Work on anything and everything regarding the new building
3. Get the groomer under a new roof!

We are always in need of volunteers! If you are interested in helping in any way contact us!



President: Jim McNichols - (847) 624-9377
Vice President: Dan Braun - (920) 573-2186
Treasurer: Julie Braun - (920) 573-1636
Secretary: Deborah Sievert - (847) 421-7939
Trail Boss: Chuck Vanevenhoven - (920) 410-9079